Baruk Strayler








More then 30 years ago, when is not clear anymore, Baruk was born and  raised outside Jhelom, on the very coastline.

In his youth, he saw scores of people in town, fighting for grand prizes in the arena there, but he never felt obliged to join.

His childhood was spent cooking decent meals and chopping woods.

Also from time to time, he would help his father mine Ore for the Sergeant of the pits, to keep weapons and shields up to par.


During a raid of pirates in the town, actually in the middle of the night, Baruk was obducted and enslaved on a ship for several years.

During this captivity, he was forced to cook, clean and keep the cannons on good condition.

At one point he decided to rig a cannon to blow up when fired, and the retaliation of when it did was severe, Baruk was beaten so severely, he was brought on land to recover, where he remained for nearly a month.